Great adult movie weblogs

There are two blogs I keep up with lately and they are both wrapped around talking about videos that come out on there format. Both are adult oriented and one is an adult dvds weblog the other adult movies weblog but they both do not have to much racy content on them and most of the covers they feature of the movies do not show anything as far as the private parts of the body goes

But what they do feature are the hottest adult videos to hit the market every month and with so much porn out there it can be hard to find the good movies and thanks to these two blogs finding them got a lot easier thanks to these two hot adult blogs.


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What to be for Halloween this year?

Well I have been thinking about what to be this year for Halloween any good ideas would be helpful i missed what was BIG this year to be and I may just decide to go as a witch since I am kind of in the wicked mood lately. But I am always open for suggestions which is why I did this post so hopefully some people can school me in what is hot and what is not this year for Halloween costumes.

If your to afriad to leave me a suggestion than just tell me what your going to be wearing this year. The things I do for readers i tell yea!

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Best tube site online for adults

When I heard about this site my friend was talking about it that gives away free porn movies, I told him there is no way there is a website like that on the internet after all that is how the adult entertainment industry make a lot of money selling there videos no one can just give them away!

Then he said go to it and check it out yourself so i did and he was right this new tube site called Your Hot Tube gives away free porn videos and does not sell one of them or even try to sell you  them in any way. After watching it for about a month now i entitled to say it is the best tube site online for adults on the web! If you have one better than please tell me about because I would to know about it as well.

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Make money blogging for Blogtising

This place makes bloggers money by selling posts on there blogs as advertising space. Anyone with a blog can sign up even if you have no Page Rank because they sell you traffic and not just links in there ads. If you own a blog why not make a couple extra hundred or thousand dollars a month with it? In todays economy who could not use some extra money!

I signed up my personal weblog with blogtising and have been making money every day using its service I would totally reccomend signing up with them and know for a fact they pay on time every time!

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Went and saw the Mummy

I had a blast the other night heading to the theater to see the new Mummy movie I pretty much knew how it would end but even still it was good to get out from the house for awhile. I give 4 out of 5 stars for its special effects.

I always enjoy going out to the movies but lately it seems that the movies are not like they used to be back in the day. The only other movie I am looking forward to seeing this year is the Terminator film. But like always I am interested in hearing what films you are looking forward to seeing in theaters this year.

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